The Best Black Friday Sale I have Ever Found

Hey there Folks, have you ever Felt like Owning Your Own Website?

A few years ago I began to think about creating my own website. By doing this I also opened myself up to actually working online. I know many of my friends work online or are about to start.

Maybe you too have thought about a website and are looking at how to do this.

Being a cynic, I did some tentative research online to get the low down. I researched scams quite extensively but unfortunately I ended up with a site that quickly looked like being one. Fortunately I set myself a low dollar limit of involvement. By doing this I lost very little before becoming suspicious.

I had run a scam check on the website and found nothing. When I quickly opted out, I did another scam check. And found a beaut review. In fact so good, I went to this fellow’s site and joined the network he was a member of.

And my luck started changing. This network is the real thing. Has fantastic and loads of training. And an extensive help program. You can ask a question of members (of which there are around half a million fully active and over 1.5 million overall), or Site Support. And boy do you get a quick response.

These lessons were so well set out that I raced through them and had my website set up on the second day. The first lot of lessons taught me all that I needed to know to start this website. Take a peek at what happens in a day in the world of Wealthy Affiliate.

Once that was up and running I was hooked. By the end of these lessons, I was well into my first website.

The best thing that happened to me was I joined at mid-November. Actually I was still a bit cautious so only signed up for the first lesson set. That was free. I am positive you too will like this price to get your own website up and running.

Well it was just my price! I then had the choice to stay free or upgrade to premium.

So why mid-November was so cool. Well Black Friday falls in there. As I had already decided to upgrade to premium this deal was a great way for me to save money.

Fire works for WA black Friday

Early Black Fridays

Back to the mid-November reference.

I expect you know exactly what today’s black Fridays refer to. When I grew up, the meaning was completely different. It referred to Fridays that were dated 13. I have never understood superstitious people but each to their own. I was born on the 13th of a month. When that date fell on a Friday, my friends and I went wild. Loads of jokes and scary tales.

Today’s Black Fridays

My take hopefully matches yours on today’s definition. And I did check out Wikipedia after I wrote my take out.

Today’s Black Friday is a single entity based on economics. Well aren’t most things these days. (And I am sure the Friday 13 still stands!)This year it supposedly starts on the Friday 29th of November. The day after the US thanksgiving.

OK, these dates are North American dates. Here in Australia, Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday actually starts on not-so-black Saturday 30th November .  It goes through until December 3.

My take:

  • Black Friday can be one to four days long. And there are probably exceptions to this.
  • Originally it was considered the start of the Christmas shopping
  • As the shopping turned into a frenzy, it became known as the point at which profit went from the red to the black.

For a full take on this visit Wikipedia.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday

Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday is a great way to lessen your cost in learning to build websites./\

Note amounts given are in US dollars. You can convert to that of your country by following this link to CoinMill.

It is a yearly deal. The normal deal is already pretty manageable. At $359 that is fractionally under $1 per day.

For Black Friday the deal is $299 per year. A rate of $0.82 per day. That is a great saving.

Another great thing is the price is Grandfathered in. As long as you stay with WA you pay $299 per year. Even if the WA price rises. (Well it hasn’t so far, but you just never know!) Basically this Grandfather Clock is remaining frozen in time!

Just a word here though. Wealthy Affiliate is continually growing and adding new programs for us to use. So the current Black Friday price just might increase in future years. So this grandfathering is a very good deal.

If you really want to Learn to Build a Successful Website

Take it from me, this is a really rewarding activity. Especially for me as I am now officially entering very mature age! I am also building a house. Nothing like over extending.

But as I can take as long as I like to learn to earn online, over extension is not an issue. For any of you who want to forge ahead nothing here stops you from doing just that. You just need dedication and hard work.

Once you have established your website through hard work you will be rewarded and will be able to put in the amount of work you choose. That means work load will slacken off to whatever load you want to implement.

Some people just want to dabble to keep their life interesting or some are very businesslike.

You can join at any time during the year or utilise the Black Friday sale commencing on the 29th of November (it usually is extended too). Either way is good but the BF way saves you money.

The facts of the matter are, with the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special you will save money. 

For me the choice was very easy. I like to save money so am very careful in how I spend.

I invite you to come and take a look at us. You can go directly to

Alternatively you can visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review to read all about it, before going back to the Black Friday link.





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  1. I too was one of those people who thought wealthy affiliate was a scam. You see so many get rich schemes online and you think oh, here goes another one, but wealthy affiliate has changed my life and given me hope to being my own boss. I am however paying monthly and might take this black Friday deal into consideration. All in all this was a good simple breakdown of the network and what it has to offer. 

    • I was looking something up yesterday and saw a WA is a scam review. Just reading a bit of it certainly showed that the author really didn’t know what he/she was talking about. Basically saying that no-one succeeded.

      Well I have certainly see success stories, so yes it does work. I expect the scam author wanted automation to earn money for she/he. (had to change the order to show I am not sexist!)

      And if it takes a while to succeed, so what. In the meantime you have a plethora of friends ready to help.

      Thanks for your comments,


  2. Hi Helen! Hey I’m also a member of WA but I started with the free account membership and now I upgraded to Premium but I pay monthly so this Black Friday sale is great timing for me! Black Friday sales happen everywhere and it’s one of the biggest shopping weekends in the world for businesses to earn a nice chunk of their yearly revenue (starting with Black Friday through Christmas is what I mean specifically). 

    Anyways, I love your site and it’s so cool that you have lived everywhere from England to Africa, Canada and even Oz and NZ! I’m so jealous lol. Have a great day Helen and take care.

    • RD, I basically did what you did. However I only made one monthly payment before Black Friday came around. And amazingly enough, I had never heard of this term for the Christmas shopping frenzy. But then I don’t particularly like shopping!

      Don’t be jealous, just go ahead and travel. You look much younger than me so make that decision and do it. Mind you it was way easier to get work when I did it. Which was good as I arrived in Australia with little remaining money after having a great ship journey.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I too was lucky enough to have found Wealthy Affiliate. I joined November 4th and the experience has been awesome. At first, I was skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone saying nice things about it; looks like a scam, too good to be true. When I joined I was completely blown away. I will grab the Black Friday deal.

    • Shifts, yes I found loads of reviews with conflicting reports on WA. Many of the scam ones were very vindictive and from my experience largely unfounded accusations. In fact I am really glad I found a fully positive one prior to all the naysayers.

      The fellow who introduced me  to WA, is very active and helpful within the group and I am eternally grateful I found him.

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. Hi Helen,

    Your post brought me some golden memories.

    In November 2016, I came across the Black Friday offer provided by Wealthy Affiliate. The situation was totally different because at that point of time I have lost $4000+ (over the period of 2008-2016) to scams and to the program and products that under-delivered with low-quality.

    I even tried the free ways such as Captcha Typing, Online Surveys, Paid To Click, Email Reading, Get Paid To, Ad Posting, Data Entry, Transcription, Tele Calling, and the list goes on.

    I did my research on Wealthy Affiliate but still I was skeptical and afraid. Finally, I decided to give this make money online thing a final try and joined WA by taking advantage of the Black Friday deal on 28th November 2016.

    To make it short…

    I am still with WA and it changed my life I am not exaggerating “There Is No Alternative For Truth”. Since December 2017 I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer & Blogger. This is possible because of WA training and I am a fan of WA. I believe joining WA is the best decision I made in my life. 

    • Paul, I have to agree the free ways are not too good. I did try online surveys. And basically there were none for me. I am retired, I live in the country and I am selective. All of these excluded me from most surveys and the rest were not worth the effort.

      It’s great to see you are full time and obviously fulfilled.

      Thanks for your comment.


  5. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for anyone and everyone to learn Internet Marketing. This Black Friday deal worth $299 per year is an important investment; a life changing one for that matter. That’s less than 1 dollar a day which equals around $25 per month. This is the craziest deal ever.

    • Techie, thanks for this comment.

      Yes it is a great deal. It turns out, based on a 31 day month, at just over $25 per month. This is a fraction of the cost of buying one coffee per day.

      For anyone missing this years deal, the price may increase next year (but it hasn’t for years) they can join and get the deal next November. And it is well worth the wait.


  6. I am using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build a website now. Although I need to spend a little money, it is very worthwhile. Creating such a website allows you to sell things quickly, and you can get commissions from them. I have created a food website on this platform and it works fine now.

    • Hey there Jax, thanks for commenting. 

      Yes the nice thing is you can create a website here, spending as much or little as you like. Quite obviously, one has to work harder to keep the costs lower, but that’s half the fun. Food sure attracts me as a website. Hope yours does very well. I might accidentally find it one day.


  7. I actually took advantage of this Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal last year and in my opinion its probably the best investment I’ve ever made. There is so much value that comes with this deal. $299 a year is about just under $25 a month. If you were to build a website and host it on other platforms the monthly hosting fee would be at least $25 or more. On top of that Wealthy Affiliate trains you to monetize that website, gives you lots of tools like Jaxxy, and much more. Just for the website hosting alone it’s worth it.

    • My dear Son :), thanks for your thoughts. I too agree that my inclusion in Black Friday, a few years ago, has kept me focused and made me happy. I am certainly learning much and, more to the point, I am far from bored. A condition I had once I retired!


  8. Wealthy Affiliate never seizes to amaze me in all ways. The platform is the best in all ramifications any online University can have. They offer yet the best of the best when it comes to means of making success in your business. Black Friday is a really good time in WA as it offers things at a very cheap price. I’ve been looking forward to this time. I’ll share this with my friends so they’ll know of it. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Thanks for your comment here KingAndrea. I do agree that Wealthy Affiliate has a huge amount to offer and the Black Friday special is the time to join.

      As for the best of the best; yes they are really well presented and continue to upgrade as new technology and information becomes available. But I do refrain from exclusive ‘best’ as I haven’t a chance in the world to  try out all platforms that train in Affiliate Marketing. If I did this I would have no time to do anything else as I am sure there are many many of them out there.

      Again thanks and happy journeying to you.


  9. Great post you have up here and I must commend you for sharing this great piece of article. Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday is the goal right now for all affiliate marketers in the platform. We anticipate it and I cannot wait for it to come. Getting this much opportunity to learn and expand the tentacles of one’s business without stressing is one thing I like the most. Thank you so much for sharing. Thumbs up

    • Rodarrick, it not only is terrific for the current WA members, it is perfect for those who haven’t chosen an affiliate training platform yet. It entices with a price that includes so many tools and much training. WA works and I love to see people try it out and succeed. And also encourage them if they do get overwhelmed.

      Lovely comment.


  10. I have been a member of WA since September and honestly, I have no regrets! The learning is excellent and most importantly, it’s done in a way that anyone can start their own websites. We’re all skeptical at first but after trying it you just can’t get enough of it. I am planning on getting the Black Friday offer since it seems like an amazing price to not take advantage of. I’m really looking forward what the next year has in store for me

    • Stephanie, actually I wasn’t skeptical. I was of the program I briefly tried just before WA. I did search it on scams but no info. After I opted out (fortunately only losing peanuts) I retried the scam review search. I came up with Nathaniel’s.

      His presentation was so well done and natural that I decided, then and there to also try out his group. And that was WA.

      I do tend  to do many  things at once so my progress could have been faster. But what the heck, I am retired so I don’t worry about this.

      And I was so lucky to arrive at the BF time of year.

      Thanks for your comment.


  11. Hi, I have read your articles. I like the way you tell a story about black Friday and you go on to explain how it started. It is engaging and how you take the opportunity to sign up for the yearly promo and grandfather clocks prices, that is funny. Like your friendly and easy to understand tone. I think you really have the writing skills and it is just a matter of time you get the traffic you want. 

    Do you have any tips to write in a humor tone? As in how to be funny in our content? 

    • Thanks for commenting. I have always found telling a story makes the reading easier. In fact, I know so many people in diverse countries  that I started doing a Christmas story on what I did or saw over the year. I was told by many that they hated these form letters, but they always read mine. I guess that is an OK for my writing.

      As for traffic, I do get traffic. Not as much as I would like but that is my decision as I am spending time on finishing my strawbale house. And that leaves me with not so much time for this. But when it is finished it’s full steam ahead.

      As for humour, never force it. That always sounds phony. I really don’t have any tips but be yourself. When you look around, just think on whether or not you find humour happening. I suppose it helped having a father who was a natural storyteller and amasser of jokes.


  12. For anyone who wishes to explore wealthy affiliate and enjoy every benefit attached to it, the wealthy affiliate Black Friday is the best time for them to do that. Great post here. For what is worth, I am a big fan of wealthy affiliate because I came across it at my worst period and it saved me. For this reason. I really like the platform a lot and can only hope to do more from it. Thumbs up

    • Thanks for your notes here. I am glad to hear WA helped you so much. I wouldn’t mind following you there but with the new commenting system I can’t find your WA log in. Mine is HelenpDoyle. I would love to hear from you.

      As for the WA platform, with all the training, both old and new, and as long as you work at it you will do more from it.


  13. I like the look and feel of your site. There seems to be a lot of nice content linked together. I noticed on a certain spot, there seemed to be a lot going on in your sidebar. I would consider removing the archives and the categories sliders, unless they are really necessary. You seem to be really good with the amount of content that your pages have. I also like that you didn’t go crazy with a lot of colors. I like that you picked a few staple colors and keep that theme. I try to do the same thing on my sites. Really good overall!

    • Thanks for your combined comment and feedback. I am keeping the categories as I have a vague idea of doing something with them. And they can be a great search tool. 

      As for colours, I did have to restrain myself as I love colours, especially really bright ones.

      I try very hard to organise my content and not waffle. Usually successfully!


  14. To be candid, this black Friday is a good way to enjoy and benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. The more so because it’s been a while since I saw a platform do that. Cutting off it’s membership price as it has been done here, the yearly subscription is drastically dropped to $299 from $359. This is a great way to save some cash. I’ll definitely be a part of this activity. Thank you.

    • And the best thing is that the $299 is ‘grandfathered’ in so in the off chance WA ups this price, if you are already a member you still pay the $299.

      Thanks very much for you comment.


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