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The stairway to freedom tools that Wealthy Affiliate uses, teaches and promotes, consist of many steps. Their well-presented lessons help you reach your goal of a successful website. A website that leads to freedom in working for yourself and from anywhere you are in the world. (As long as you have connection to the web!)

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an organisation that I am very proud to be part of. It offers people, from all walks of life and levels of ability, the chance to build a profitable internet marketing website. No matter who you are; with focus, diligence and hard work you can create your own successful website.

Over your life until now, you have much knowledge that you can integrate into learning about WA’s website building. In fact many people have subconsciously accumulated knowledge they are not even aware of. I am one of you.

I have written a bit about my website Working on the Wildside and Myself. Now I would like to illustrate some steps I developed when pursuing my former career. While building my steps I absorbed bits and pieces floating around what I discovered. Not always related but always interesting and potentially useful in my future.

Being Organised

I did a lot of writing articles, media releases and technical reports. I managed all these activities for my projects. I also ran a lot of meetings where the agenda was the essential ingredient. The agenda is like a table of contents. Once it is formed, you can write your content around the agenda’s points.

I really believe to build your website successfully, and embrace a free working style wherever you are, your work plan should be set out like an agenda. It becomes the website’s navigation framework. It will structure your training, your pages and posts as you build your website.

Use What You Know to Help Others

One thing I always found was that the instruction manuals usually were very unorganised, not too well written or incomplete. As I tried to follow them, my frustration would grow.

One day, after a State election (all policies change and departments are reworked or torn apart) I decided to stop tearing out my hair and yelling at my computer. So I did something about this.

I accumulated the wealth of paperwork (including computer printouts), told everyone to disappear for a few days and got to work.

I reset the whole process so anyone in my field could just sit down and follow it from go to whoa. In fact, everyone in our state department threw all the formal stuff out and used my process.

This step by step building is what Wealthy Affiliate stands for. Sometimes the odd step is a bit squeaky but a simple question asked will straighten it out and get you on your way again.

And the audience for any question is huge. Not only the WA technical team and the two owners will answer. Any member that sees your questions will also give you an answer if they know the answer. (And unfortunately sometimes even when they don’t know it!)

Basically I have learned and developed information that I can use to help folks who want help. My goal here is to inform you of what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you and guide you along the way.

And Use it Again I Did

When I left that employment, to move south out of the severe heat, I got a job in a complimentary field. Shortly after starting I got out the company’s formal process of managing my projects. Well I did the first step and got in a complete mess. It turned out, even though it was first in line, that was the last step! The process was certainly written in a skew whiff manner.

So down I sat and reworked it. Once again, that process became the norm.

Just your Average Joe

Now I am just an average person, observing what’s happening and making it work. I just know many or all of you folks would like to embrace something more meaningful in your lives. And you have the ability already to do something like this.

Everyone manages their lives whether they like the results or hate the results. Coming and joining with us at WA will give you the opportunity to go from like to love and hate to at least like. And with plenty of hard work it could be love for everyone.

Try Before You Buy

The lovely thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the try before you buy routine. Isn’t it great when you can take a car for a long test drive before you buy it or you get a free trial period to see if you like a product.

(PS when I test drove my TR3, I had never driven a manual. I was talked through the procedure, went out for the test drive and promptly stalled on the busiest street in Vancouver. Well I learned to drive a manual in seconds flat. Panic can do amazing things.)

Well this free  trial is WA to a tee. And you can, with no pressure, continue to be a free member. The only drawback to this is that not all training is accessible.

Many people get half-way through the first free lessons and decide to upgrade to a premium member. And then the WA’s training world is your oyster.

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers You

As I noted at the beginning of this article, what WA offers is the tools of the website trade. Not quite ‘Websites for Dummies’ as I know that people are not dummies. They just haven’t amassed the knowledge to progress to their goals. But they all can gain this.

WA will give you this knowledge. Unless a miracle occurs it won’t be overnight but with focus and energy, lots of reading and listening the end result is a given. And you will need to work hard.

I will be creating more articles associated with this page, giving more explicit information on the tools you will learn. If you take a look at the top illustration, many are noted there.

Firstly I will talk about Goals. Come along and read all about them.

Second step reached so now for Niches.

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