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A very warm welcome to Working on the Wildside, the place you can step outside the accepted work‘box’. My website will lead you to working from any place you desire and stimulates you. Be it a life away from traditional employment, wanderlust or escape from the madding crowd if you so choose.

Helen the Nomad

Helen the Nomad

              And it was the Roaring 40s!

I was born in Redruth, Cornwall quite a number of years ago! I didn’t stay there long as mum and I quickly joined my father in Ghana. He was a mining engineer at the gold mines. At the age of 3 our family moved to British Columbia, Canada. So you might be able to tell from this that I was born into the nomadic world. I still continue with this trait albeit at longer intervals.

With my sense of adventure tickled I decided to board a P&O ship and sail to Australia. Since then, I have lived in New Zealand and visited back and forth to Canada.

In each country, I have circumnavigated and bisected it and easily found work whenever necessary. Nowadays that is a lot harder so I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering to enhance my opportunities. (Also to continue being a nomad and allowing my now retirement in a combined sea & tree change manner.)

I Love to Help People

Along my nomadic working life I have usually ended up as the help person. I take information on ‘how to do’ things and rewrite it so my colleagues can actually understand it and learn how to realise these things. I found I really enjoyed this and now I want to help others find a way to achieve the life that rewards them in many ways.
Working and lazing on the Beach

My greatest wish is to help others decide if they want to chuck their existing existence and achieve this lifestyle because it is so enjoyable. Hence, Working on the Wildside: that is, be who you want and not what society tends to force you to be; live where and how you like. My like has been for the wilderness and for the last 30 years I have lived in the semi-civilised Australian ‘bush’ (which is not the complete Outback of this fine country).

A few years ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to learn about website building. I did an affiliate blog type site. I have learned so much I now wish to pass that on to you and would love to see you become who you would like to be.

Going through my site allows you to see how I achieved my website.  Here you will find my Stairway to Freedom article that will give you some idea of the scope of information you will be given.This site comes with the ability for you to leave comments and questions as you read through it. Then I can guide you with my responses. I will post information on the great advantages WA can provide you with. The processes you will need to do to achieve your website.

And I will stress right now this is not a get-rich-quick group and you will need to focus, be consistent and work hard. At least at first. A well-built website will really work, not only for you, but also with you.

Working on the Wildside’s Concept

Initially, when you go to the WA website you get 10 free lessons. I loved this as I could try before I buy. I also found out I didn’t need to buy but could continue on for free but with limited activities. Well as you can see I did buy.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to help you make your mind up if you whether or not you want to join Wealthy Afiliate. You can keep in contact with me very easily so you can pop over and ask any relevant question you need to, or we can just ‘chat’ about what you are doing. In fact, once you become a Premium member, you can do this with any member. Help is always near. I will also get notification of any work you do and I will go and read it.

Basically my initial advice is to never underestimate yourself. You can change your being however you like. So come and join me at WA.

I reiterate that I will lend a hand and answer your questions. If you have any after reading this please leave them below in the comments. I will be more than delighted to help you out.

I have mentioned help a few times. Let me tell you, the help here is second to none. There is a search bar to see if anyone else has answered your questionl There is a place to type in your questions. There is a Live Chat area that operates non stop with various members on line at any time. Sometimes you might have to visit Live Chat a couple of times as members drop in and out. Just wait and someone who can help you will appear.

All the best



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  1. Hiya Helen
    Working on the Wildside what a great name and when you have travelled like you have I can imagine you have seen a few wild things too. I love the Australian bush and will return from the UK one day I hope and I am aiming at using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to help me do just that.
    The training and help from within the community are brilliant and I agree with you that WA is awesome.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Wildlife abounds here Wallaby & Joey

      I am too hoping that I make some extra so I can visit a few more countries. Having travelled so much I have good friends in many countries. I would love to visit them there.

  2. What a great story, Helen. I think you are brave to do all of that! Thank you so much for the encouragement to never underestimate ourselves, I think that is what has stopped me in the past and stops many people from fully living life. Thank you for helping others “chuck their existing existence” and live more enjoyable lifestyles. I look forward to learning more from you.

    • Melisa, wow a second comment from you. And such a lovely one. I don’t know if you can say I am brave, just curious. My family life, as a child, gave me a background in pulling up stakes and moving. In fact I find it so hard to see why many people now will not move to find work or discover new places.

      Sometimes the initial move is hard but due to my past I always talk to those around me. From this I have a small group of excellent friends and large group of friendly acquaintances. (This is a trait from my dad. He talked to everyone!)

      I love encouraging people. I have seen the result of this by people taking that extra step and improving their lives.

      So chuck and enjoy.

      Thanks for this comment and hopefully I will see you again.


  3. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say that I love the name of your site and I love the whole idea! I too, like to think of myself as a bit of a nomad but I have 4 kids and a house loving husband so working from home is the closest I get! I have been with WA for nearly a year now and have learnt so much in that time – I look forward to reading your advice and all about your adventures!

    • Jo, my parents had 4 kids too. But that didn’t stop us. Firstly we had to travel as dad was a mining engineer and as a recent intake to the company he was posted to the great wild! All over British Columbia in fact.

      He also made sure we had a holiday in a new place every year so we got to know much of the north west of North America. Dad was Welsh, mum was Australian, I was born in Cornwall, my sister in Canada and the twins in Juneau Alaska. How is that for a mixed bag. Our good friends were similar but different countries. Scotland, Australia, Cypris, Kenya and Canada. When we all visited the States from Canada, the border guards took a big gulp and waved us through. Too much work for them.

      Thanks for your comment and look me up on WA so I can follow you.


  4. [My greatest wish is to help others decide if they want to chuck their existing existence and achieve this lifestyle because it is so enjoyable.] I love that. I also love your heart to help others. Without that (in my humble opinion) everything that we do will seem empty and vain. I applaud your continuation in this. Well done!

    • Thank you Carl. For some reason I have always been the come-to person for help. And not only have I helped many, I have also helped myself along the way. Basically if someone asks a question I often have to research to make sure I am giving the right advice.

      This ends up in me learning so much more for myself and to pass on to others.

      Yes, I love this lifestyle. I do things where and when I like. Often to my detriment as I have so many things I love doing.

      Thanks for you comment.


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