Why You Need a Great Call to Action

Having a successful website not only means good keyword rich, quality content.
Calling out for action.

It must have a commanding Call to Action (CTA). It has to be right for the article and it must be professional.

Here I am going to give you some good tips from other website builders and myself.

Just remember a bad COA will get you nowhere. A wishy-washy one will most likely also get you nowhere. You do want to get a positive response so focus on your COA and get it right.

Don’t beg; and yes some sales people do beg. A little story from my life.

I am a civil engineer and, before retirement, I designed and managed large water supply and sewerage works. One day a salesman came to my office and started trying to sell me plumbing fittings. I told him he was wasting my time as I dealt with BIG fittings. I suggested he go to our building maintenance guys. To which he said he already had and they sent him here.

Again I said sorry but I don’t want any of his products. Then he started saying that if he didn’t sell anything he would lose his job. OK that was it. I reiterated that I was not going to buy from him so would he please leave.

He was unaware that the senior engineer and the works inspector were actually listening in. Well did they have a good laugh and said obviously he didn’t know that women are not the weakest link!

The moral here is don’t show weakness and beg. Even if sometime in the future I wanted something he was selling, he would be the last person I talked to. Potential customer lost.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Reasons for a Call to Action?

You have just written a really good article on something you can help people with. Finding a service, product or training among other things. Now you need to draw people into taking some positive action to obtain what they are looking for.

Let them read your information and then point them in the right direction at the end of the article. If they have found interest in your offer, this lets them know what they have to do to actually get it.

Unfortunately many people need a nudge to make a decision. With good quality, clear information and directions to take some action you can make their decision-making a bit easier.
Get your context right.

In my plumbing example at the top of this article, that guy sure didn’t get his CTA right.

The easier you make it the more chance you have of earning through your website.

When you are creating your CTA, a good graphic will catch the readers’ eye. A bit of colour difference to your brand will help this happen. Make them the right size. It is suggested that 225 wide and 45 high is a good size to start with. Get people you know to test them out. Then edit if necessary.

How to Write a Call to Action

Firstly, what are actions you might ask? Basically they are described by verbs that define the process of doing something. There are some good ones that you can use in your Call to Action. These should reflect what you are attracting your visitor to do. By the way CTAs can be images to. Or a combination of text and images.

In your CTA, state plainly what your visitor will get. In my case they get really terrific training in website building and also a number of free bonuses if they join me.

Remember that you must clearly define what route the visitor needs to take for you to obtain the conversions you desire. Don’t make the journey complicated. Keep the number of options down. A single good one is perfect.

Call to Action Route

Don’t use jargon. Your friends and you will probably know the meanings BUT the largest proportion of your worldwide audience probably won’t. So don’t limit your potential visitors.

It’s a great idea to have a dedicated page for your CTA to land on. This should be a really specifically focused page. My CTA below takes you to my Wealthy Affiliate Review. There you can find out more about us and then go to the dedicated landing page.

Have the right context for your CTA. You need to utilise into emotion, stress the benefits by focusing on the actions readers need to take and what results occur

What Calls to Action Can do for You!

Using good Call to Actions you can:

– Help build an email list.

Here you can use words to entice people to sign up, follow, register or perhaps obtain free bonuses. Your imagination is the limit.
Leap into Action

– Get people to take the leap to join what you are offering.

Use words like Join Here, Click to Join
Remember to focus on benefits.

– If you are writing books, fliers, pamphlets; in fact any written work, a good CTA can draw people to downloading these. Especially if you do a short free article as an introduction.

– If the offer is limited make sure you use this as a feature.

You see many ‘positions left, join before, bonuses for the first 7 days’ and the like. I have to admit the ‘positions left’ and ‘join before’ often tickle my internal scam detector.

I will suggest you watch how you word these Call to Actions.

Additional CTA words that you will often see used are;

  • Call
  • Subscribe
  • Donate
  • Buy
  • Order
  • Share
  • Coupons
  • Events
  • Webinars

What you use will depend on what you are offering (obviously).

My Call to Action for You.

Now you have reached this far down my article I will do my own example of a Call to Action. If I have enticed you to come and work with me then this will allow you to do so with a no obligation, free trial starter lessons. During this time you will notCall to Action Buttonice some very nice bonuses.

I look forward you joining me and learning to work and succeed in your online dream of working anywhere you want. See you on Working on the Wildside.


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  1. Hi Helen, I couldn’t agree with you more about having a great call to action. Actually, I see that your CTA goes to Wealthy Affiliate, and I too have benefited immensely from their learning, and as a result have built websites of my own. I recommend to your readers that they click on your CTA to find out what it’s all about!

    • Thanks Melissa, I hopr the ‘Firmly Click Here’ guides them to my review.

      I must admit I am learning a great deal here. Continuously. Even when I go back over some training I find new things to do to make my website better.

      I must check out some of your websites.

      See you around.


  2. Hi Helen,
    You are absolutely correct in saying that an article needs a COMMANDING call to action. Many subtle calls to actions are missed or ignored. A Bold, Clear CTA is essential to improve your success rate. Many marketers underestimate the importance of a great CTA

    • You are right Bryan. I am often too subtle. I have a sly sense of humour and this comes through in many things.

      I have to work hard at an appropriate call to action. I do hope I am improving without becoming pushy. Pushy entreprenuers or sales people totally repel me.

      Thanks for your comment. See you around.


  3. Hi Helen beautifully written! Excellent start to your website lots of good information had me right until the end and I guess you could say if I wasn’t a member already I would have taken the bait, hook, line, & sinker and joined. I’ll see you on the inside.

    • Thanks Nikki, for your comment. You will see me me around as I am following you!

      I tend to be a bit slow writing things as I want my information to be good. There is too much misleading info on the internet these days. Too many instant experts.

      Thanks again.


  4. Hi Helen
    Love this post mainly because I have learned something very new to me.
    What I have learned is so in your face I have to wonder how I missed it.
    It is using images for my call to action. So a big thank you to you for sharing this very helpful and useful article. I really appreciate you taking the time to share it and teaching individuals like myself.
    Many thanks

    • Jennifer, I find most things I miss really are in my face. I guess they are so obvious I just don’t see them!

      Images are useful everywhere so never be scant with them.

      Thanks for your comment and glad I could help you.


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