Failure is Not an Option: You Can Earn Online

In my opinion, in fact everything I write about is in my opinion, many people fail no matter where they try to earn. Online is no different.

Whether people are right at the coalface or working in areas removed from there, per capita not many are ‘rolling in dough’. They might have enough to live on. To live on comfortably after retirement (for whatever reason) is not so easy.

Every day I read about those who are working late into life because the pensions they earned by working hard and paying taxes, just aren’t sufficient.

The portion of the population moving down from middle class is increasing. The portion of it moving up from middle class is nowhere near increasing at the same rate.

One thing these people have in common is, there are deadlines to be met. They have to perform or move on. Performing them only seems to help the minority.

What is one answer to this? Ideally it is working from home and online. Well that certainly cuts out the overheads!

It turns out, that like many small businesses, a great portion of folks who try this fail. It is estimated that only about 20% of people attain success. We need to improve on this.

If you have come to visit me, I know you are interested in building and being successful with a website.

Perhaps you have tried before and haven’t found a great organisation that can and will guide you. The ones you have found, throw a few things at you. They aren’t very helpful, keep adding costs on and love taking your money.

None of us want to waste time and money in this way, do we? I sure don’t.

So let’s take a good look at why this happens and how you can overcome this.

Why People Fail to Make Money Online

Working on the internet is Easy

If you enter the world of the web with this attitude and expect instant success you will be well on the way to failure. Yes there is a minute number of people who just luck into a terrific niche marketing idea. Also, these most likely have worked with computers and devices before and comfortable working with them.

For most of you, your ‘normal’ working life may have entailed a bit of computer work but not enough to breed familiarity. So firstly you need to embrace the very big field of computer work, plus gain fluent writing ability.

And you can do this. Just set your mind to it and do it. It may not be easy and or quick for you to accomplish your website.

Just remember it is tremendously unusual to get something without payment.

Non-familiarity breeds failure

Failure = website collapse

                                  Weak Foundations lead to Failure

Once you set your mind to win this round, you need to embrace fully the fact that there will be a steep learning curve. At this point set your shoulders and start learning. Just don’t give up. There is rarely any free ride in life. The reward here is by learning how to do this. So no learn means no earn in most cases. The result is failure.

You needn’t be perfect when you start. You continually will work towards this by continuous learning.

No matter what you think, you can learn how to create a great website that earns. Some of you will learn fairly quickly and others take longer. For that matter, and at my age, I am still learning. I hope to continue this forever.

No matter how long it takes give yourself time. Don’t get frustrated and quit. Many top online successes are people who have taken a few years to build a fully rewarding site. (Don’t let me discourage you. The rewards may start pretty quickly. Then build up.)

What you now need to become, at least for a while, is very tunnel visioned or perhaps focused is a better, more positive word. The tunnel you follow will be to educate yourself. Along this tunnel there will be offshoots. These side tunnels will swing around to bring you back to the main one.

If they don’t, get off that train.

My suggestion is that if you want to make any money online you need to get stuck in and educate yourself. The big advantage to this is no-one is standing over you to make you progress. The big disadvantage is the same.

It’s all up to you. Fear of Failure can be very invasive so don’t let it paralyse you. Face up to it increase your chances of success.

Take Action Now

Don’t procrastinate. No I am not picking on you. Expert advice is that everyone at some time is a procrastinator and I know I certainly can be one. You just need to control this. Do this by getting started. Thinking is easy. Doing can be much harder. Just remember, the more you do something the easier it becomes. Self-discipline is the key here. Make sure you reach your goal.

You will need to come up with ideas on what you want to do. These mostly means defining your passion. The item you know best.

Then research and spend time doing the work. What you will be doing is activating your ideas. Build up a good business plan, just as if you were starting an off-line business.

Don’t be distracted. Keep the focus up.

Avoid Scams, the Shiny Promises

Do you like shining presents? Generally these won’t harm you. However the online shiny promises are very often scams. What do scams do to you? Move your money from your pocket to theirs. Don’t expect money by letting others pretend to do the work for you. It doesn’t work!

You can often pick the scammers by the phrases they use. Phrases that suggest easy, quick money are red flags.

Or even better, the ads that contain the ‘only x number of places left’. If you check back on these the ‘x’ amount may be different but places are still available. Often these will have a countdown clock.

Avoid these!

These leaches target people who want quick and easy money. Don’t fall for it.

Always research these websites fully. Below I will give you a link to the very reputable organisation, Wealthy Affiliate, that I am part of. One of the best things is the scam research all the members carry out.

Do Not be Afraid of Spending Money

If for some reason, you do get taken in by a scammer, set yourself limits before you join. Then see how soon the add-ons start. Almost immediately I predict. When this happens, cut your losses and get out.

However, spending reasonable money is fine. If you don’t have it to start with there are some organisations that let you start out as a trial run. Then if you want to continue you can do this for free. Obviously you won’t have access to all training but you can build a potentially successful website.

Again these organisations cost money to run so some recompense can be expected.

You will at some time need to spend money to make money. You will need to make some investments to grow your online business.

Just don’t forge ahead without finding out these costs.

Create Success

A vital part of website success is using analytical means to measure success. If you don’t know how your site is doing you won’t know if you are going wrong. Don’t ignore tracking your site you could get in trouble big time.

You track your sites performance as you need to know when to change things to make sure you succeed. You need to know how the market sees you. Make sure you seek comments on your site. These can give you new information and direction and infinitely add to your content.

Don’t let little hiccups or rejections bother you. Often it takes time for something to grow. People who quit something if it doesn’t work quickly, and then hop to a new project, find this becoming you’re their norm. They don’t give their new piece of equipment, their new website or whatever, time to grow and work.

Be unique with what and how you are promoting. Make sure your own personality shines through.

Through deeply focusing on specific areas you are interested in, you can do a month of learning in a couple days.

There is no-one else to please but yourself. Doing this naturally and truthfully will end up pleasing others. Be someone others can empathise with. Sometimes you will be rejected but this is part of life. Deal with it. Don’t be defeated by it. Always remember you can be good at many things if you set your mind to it.

Your goal is to become an expert at guiding and helping others to gain what they want. Do this well and you will succeed. 

Don’t just dream about a successful website. Get out and build it. Then keep it growing.

Best Way to Succeed at Making Money Online

By sheer chance, and fortunately avoiding getting involved with the only scam site I tested, I found a wonderful Affiliate Marketing teacher. And by the way more than a million other people have found the same one.

Wealthy Affiliate is this huge online community. Yes it was set up by two fellows and aided and abetted by a very strong, cluey online team. It is further backed by the huge crowd of members.

Together all these folks will happily help you out. Their support is priceless. I can say I have used it often over the couple of years I have been here working on my other site.

With this backing and your commitment and focus you can build a successful online business. Just remember, not all of it will be easy. However there is always someone here to help you.

If you are already a member I hope this article has given you some further encouragement to succeed.

If you haven’t joined us yet you might like to take a peak at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.



You will also be able to see  the little presents you will get when you join.


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  1. Helen, I love this post. You have given so much sound advice to any would be entrepreneur or online business. I think your pictures are great too and very appropriate. I have just written a WA blog with a similar theme.

    • Judy, thank for your lovely comment. I think my article would apply to anyone, whether online or in the so called ‘bricks and mortar’ business. It’s really just common sense.

      Just make sure you try something long enough to see if it will work. If it doesn’t don’t quit. Just change direction.

      Many years ago I started a degree in Agriculture (before I got the wanderlust). I found out there were two types of aggie people. One would follow a new development through. The other would quickly jump to the next best thing and never give the first improvement a chance. Guess who never made it in this field (no pun intended).

      Hopefully I will see you around. In fact, look for me at WA. Helenp should get you there.


  2. You know this article is an eye-opener for anyone thinking of starting an online business. You point out some important facts that all should consider.And what I take from this post is no one said it would be easy, but it is worth it.

    • Maurice thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I have been known to grab onto things like the proverbial dog with a bone! There are things I just know I can do and I don’t let go until they are complete.

      That’s how people need to approach new ideas and things. So I hope this article helps people achieve this.

      One of our ex politicians once said ‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy’. It was probably the treasurer and he was cutting someone’s budget>:)

      See you around.


  3. Hey Helen, 20%? Those are some great odds to overcome! I’ve been doing online affiliate marketing for about 4 months now after trying and failing two years ago. Well failing as in giving up! I found your article extremely helpful hope to see you at the finish line!
    Congrats on your site and keep up the good work!

    • Dwight, 20% is a benchmark. If you grit your teeth and persevere you will get over this. Like many things in life there are roadblocks and learning and managing a new project is one of them.

      I am optomistic but also pragmatic. So that means I am succeeding. And you can to.

      Glad to see you found it helpful.

      To the finish line.


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