Tortoise Wayfarer’s Goal

Goals are the first step on the stairway to freedom and follow on from the Dreams you have about creating a website. You might like to check out Stairway to Freedom before you start this section of the climb.

What is your goal said the hare to the tortoise.
It is to get from here to there replied the tortoise.

Well I bet I get there first said the hare.
And off he hared, so to speak!


As we all know the tortoise was slow but methodical. And he won through to his goal. The hare on the other hand raced around getting side tracked and probably pretty puffed out.

Dreams are a wonderful thing as long as they are good ones. Wealthy Affiliate can help you make these dreams come true. To make these dreams come true you will need goals.

When you decide to join us here at Wealthy Affiliate, one of the first things you will need to do is think about what you want from your, soon to be, website. I found that trying to define these goals during the first few lessons made me feel like I had been put on the spot. Therefore, I would suggest that if you really want to start out right, think about your goal or goals now. They don’t need to be perfect, just get an idea of them. If you are like me write these down as things like have a tendency to slide out of my mind.

What are Goals?

Our goals constantly shift over our lifetime. When we are very young we have one goal; demanding and getting fed. Very quickly that goal expands from this very basic one. We scrunch up our faces and try to stand and walk. We learn to dress and face the world. These early goals are extremely important, leading on to more and more goals.

As adults, our goals shift and become more complex and deeply defined. Once we achieve one, we set out towards another. This should be a natural progression through life.

Sometimes a goal is reached. Then a decision, often unconsciously but sometimes deliberately, is made to make no new goals. This is a very unfortunate attitude. One I am sure, because you’re reading about Wealthy Affiliate, that you don’t have. You are on the verge of throwing off the constraints of ‘normal’ humdrum life.

After all you are reading about Wealthy Affiliate; a very active proponent of making your goals possible and becoming true. It may be a tentative setting of goals until you learn more about the wonderful world of the internet but these goals have set you on your way to winning the first round. And there will be rounds as you learn more and more and refine your process to achieve.

So really goals are what you want from life.

My Goals

I must admit I have at times set out on life journeys without any specific goals. For instance, I set out from Canada to Australia based only on the fact that my mum was born there. I had some hazy goals like meeting the Australian family but things ended there. Now this isn’t as bad as it sounds. I love travelling and a main destination is always in mind. But once there I often just pack up and just head out. I have seen some wonderful things and met incredible people this way. And although not defined early these do become new goals.

One might as well reach for the sky when setting goals.

What are Your Goals?

And although not defined early these do become new goals. So if you find it hard to set your own, roughly outline them and then think about them. The right words will come but don’t force them.

Some goals are pretty straight forward. Start with these and set out the mini goals to get there. I can almost guarantee you will branch out at some time, into a new direction. You can always return to these little steps at any time. Maybe the branch breaks or you achieve the desired goal. There is nothing stopping you from have an assortment of goals. But don’t over complicate things.

It’s a Goal – You have won

Now that I have tuned you into thinking about what you want in life and how to start getting there let’s look at some potential goals.

  • Afford to move to the city. Certainly not my goal as I have spent 60% of my life in country areas. But many of my friends can’t live outside the city.

  • Travel to faraway places and take your work with you. If you can connect to the internet you can work. And work at your own convenience
  • Split those faraway places into goals such as sea changes or tree changes; in fact make them me changes. Then the potential is limitless.

This is only a bare minimum. Just let you mind wander over potentials for you. Get organised and think about you goals. Then read about Wealthy Affiliate and come along with the rest of us on your bright new journey to freedom from the rat race.

After the dreams you have pre-Wealthy Affiliate, goals are pretty well the first steps in the Stairway to Success.


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  1. Hi, Helen. I love this post. Goals are very important to keep us on track. The right goals are better than the high speed with the wrong goals. As I have ever read (7 Habits of Highly Effective People?) the most important point is “Begin with the end of the mind). If we know the specific goals, it is easier to achieve it. Having the clear long term goals will help us dealing with the short term problems. My goals in building my website are free from office presence machine and still have enough money for the living expenses. I want to have more time with my daughters and I also want to see the beautiful places in the world, especially Vatican, Rome in Italy. Thank you for remind me to those dreams, Helen.

    • Melani, what a wonderful comment you have given me.

      I have always had goals. They may not be in the same order as other people’s but I have had fun achieving them.

      I have met wonderful people along the way and seen some oh so beautiful places. And I want to continue this until I can no longer. To quit means defeat and that is not me.

      Thanks again for visiting me.


  2. It’s true that being an affiliate marketer, you will definitely need goals. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate my only goal was to finish the Certification Training. Now I realise that I need financial and content writing goals if I am truly to become successful in this business.
    Well done for travelling to Australia. You are right, we all need to set goals that move us outside of our comfort zones. Where are you going to travel to next?

    • Glenys, I am not travelling at the moment but surely will sometime again. I live in the wilds of Tasmania. An assortment of critters and birds visit daily. The trees are starting to flower as spring approaches and I overlook a wonderful view of the river estuary. I am on  permanent holidays!

      Goals are very important. It might take a while to reach them but the turtle had the right idea. Just keep on plugging away and success is certainly well within sight.

      Thanks for visiting.


  3. I like your website, the name is rather unique and the articles are informative and interesting. I was compelled to stay on the website longer than I had planned.

    Some observations:

    The size of the font was not consistent throughout the website. In some articles, there were up to three different size fonts. In most instances, I think the font is too small.

    You could add a little more graphics in some of the articles. The shade/colour of the font seem a bit pale I would go for black instead of grey.

    Overall I think it is a great site, keep up the good work.

    • Doreen, thanks for your comment. You must have been absorbed to stay awhile. I love  that. I was really lucky with my domain name. I was listening to Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side when I started this site. Boom my site name came to me in a flash. And I agree I really like it, plus the fact when searching keywords I found the .com was availabel. A good omen I say.

      I believe the observations are actually feedback not comments. However I will address them. My titles are one size font slightly bigger than the content. The content is one font size larger that the recommended average reading size. Please note many sites have much smaller font. The default font is very small and I am sure I missed enlarging some text..

      My text colour is selected as black. It must have seen a ghost and gone pale. As for graphics I agree and as I find relevant ones I will be adding them.

  4. Hi Helen,
    It looks as if the tortoise and the hare story is a universal theme. We used to hear about it as a child. And I like the fact that you used it as an intro.
    That aside, goal making as you rightly said it very important in life. As Alice in Wonderland said, if you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there!
    This article has energized me to go back and revise and stick to my goals. That’s all the trouble about goals: you make them in high spirits and along the way forget about them. Does that happen to you Helen? And how do you deal with them?
    Thanks for this wonderful article!

    • Akoli, nice to see you here.

      Goals, well I usually have several on the go at all times. Unfortunately this means it takes me a while to reach each one! I think Alice had an advantage. She had no set goals as her event was so sudden. But she did meet some very interesting characters. And ate some funny food and drank mysterious fluids!

      I am happy you are revisiting your goals. These can change daily and even for the same one. Everything in life should grow or it withers away.

      With my goals, if I come to a halt I go to another goal. Over time I have found that this works quite well.

      Thanks for you comment.


  5. Nice post dear
    Successful people often maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They always stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the accomplishment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.

    • Bibian, nice to hear from you. Focus is so very important. I must admit mine often leaves a bit to be desired. But I do wrestle myself back on track (eventually!). To me, failures aren’t that but are learning experiences. That’s how I deal with them.

      So in fact one of my main goals is to overcome distractions. Good luck to me.

      See you around sometime and thanks for your comment.


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