Talk Fusion Review

Company: Talk Fusion
Website: http://talkfusion.com/
Founder: Bob Reina

I have been thinking of doing some video training to provide you with additional information on building your successful affiliate website. I have gone out and reviewed some websites with information on how to do this.

While doing this, I found a site called Talk Fusion that would provide me with videos on how to earn money with them.

I am going to pass on to you, the information I have found. Later on I am going to refer you to my favourite website building website.

What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion started as video email marketing. In the last few years they have increased their digital product range.

What you do is via uploaded or self-created videos. Then it can be sent in any direction to various mobile applications.

The platform is Social Media

Talk Fusion Research

Off I toddled to my trusty Google and searched out information on Talk Fusion. This is the main point I want to stress when you are finding worthy money making websites.


There is so much garbage and dicey information on the web you really need to be well-informed before you make any decision.

I picked out a number of consensuses during my search. The main one is that it is a form of pyramid marketing. To those who haven’t heard the term MLM, Multi-level Marketing, this is the pyramid method.

I am never going to say this is good or bad as I know a lot of people that have worked hard and are very successful with it. And the operative word is work hard. Your money would be made by getting others to join.

I don’t know about you, but this form of marketing puts my back up right away. I don’t like pushy people. So many people don’t know how to promote this without being pushy!

Don’t get me wrong. I do belong to one such organisation. My joining came with a ‘I am joining because I like the product. I will not be pushing for others to join through me’. And I was never harassed about this.

Talk Fusion as a Pyramid

Direct sales company operate from a top layer of one or a few people. Under them others are recruited. These members continue the downward flow of recruiting and they can also see the company’s products. The rewards trickle back up through the company and at each level a small amount is assigned to the up-markets.

As you can see the rewards are quite small as many levels may exist. But be assured the top dog gets a fair whack of it.

This appears to be how Talk Fusion works.

If you want to work extra hard it might just work for you. Do expect many people you know to start feeling uncomfortable in your presence. So don’t be pushy; be smart.

You might notice I have used an inverted pyramid. To me it’s more accurate as flow is usually downhill. Money flows down to the narrowest part, the people at the so called top. They get richer on your efforts.

Is Talk Fusion a Scam?

I find it hard to classify Talk Fusion as a complete scam. Yes it is a MLM! You can tell that by its formation and stress on getting people to join. This is how members make their money.

But aren’t most or all of MLMs the same. With all the information in the media, anyone with eyes and ears has figured it out.

If you opt in you really should know by now the huge amount of work required to earn income. You and you alone are responsible for this choice – not the company.

So if you are well-informed, and you still join, then Talk Fusion isn’t scamming you at all.

However as there are still a lot of gullible and uninformed (I think these two go hand in hand) people out there. For them this is a big scam. Especially if they are looking to get-rich-quick.

What does Talk Infusion Provide?

The video packages provided, range in price from $25 – $75 per month. I couldn’t find a yearly price!

Along with these packages you also need Membership packages

  • One $125 fee gives you 20 free trials
  • One $250 fee gives you 50 free trials
  • One $750 fee gives you 200 free trials, and
  • One $1500 fee gives you unlimited free trials.

It looks like a prolific video makers might have to take the most expensive one. Or cut down on the number of videos they make. (Only my assumption.)

The wonderful group I belong to costs the middle of this range (premium). For that you get everything you need including 2 free websites. And you get a 7-day test drive for free before you make up your mind. Of course there are restrictions but you will end up with at least 1 working website. A real benefit is you can continue on for free but 1 restriction is lifted.


Initial prices sound very reasonable.

If you have the gift of the gab, you should progress reasonably quickly. But remember all good things take time.


Additional packages increase to a large sum. And why pay for something twice.

To be successful you have to do a ton of work to recruit a ton of people. Hard Work!

The training in use of their tools isn’t very good. It seems to mostly be about their recruitment side of this business.

The compensation figures show that a large proportion of members make little or no income.

Scam Slam

So what is my final perception of Talk Fusion?

To summarise, I don’t believe this is a true scam. This company provides loads of information that anyone can use to understand where they are coming from.

My slight hesitation is in the fact that it could scam novices just exploring the idea of making money online.

I also find the cons outweigh the pros.

As I mentioned above, I believe I (accidentally) found the best site on the internet to learn how to build and monetise websites. I actually haven’t visited all the sites but I am quite partial to Wealthy Affiliate because they have unequivocally given me all the information I need to create my two websites.

I truly believe they would be the best bet for you create your own website. As a bonus you can sign-up for the free 7-day trial. You get this website and one more, also for free.

Do the 7 days and I will most likely see you here.


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