Optimising Brain Fitness Helps SEO

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you need to Optimise your Brain Fitness. Your brain is your heart’s partner in driving your body. In fact, you can easily draw a comparison to Search Engine Optomisation (SEO). Your brain energises your ideas that in return energise your articles for the best possible SEO.

Unlike other parts of your body where you consciously chose (or even don’t bother) to exercise, keeping your brain healthy often is done accidentally by how you use and stimulate your brain.

Brain stimulating started at ancient human’s year one. With no modern conveniences, every survival action had to be worked out. Because their lifestyle was nomadic, they travelled constantly. They were very fit and hunted and gathered to feed themselves. Living this way they had the energy to boost their brain power and progress by thinking things through.

Where are we today? Looking around it really appears that a huge chunk of us are losing our optimal brain power. There is so much going on in our lives. This sensory overload can make it hard for anyone to focus and remember the important things in life.

You need to have a very healthy brain to cope and thrive.

Why Does Brain Fitness Matter?

There is a lot of indicators that the brain must remain fit as we age. My early experience, when people watching, was noting how many of my parent’s friends retired their bodies and brains when they retired from work. From having to focus their brains every day they went into relax mode. Many had no other life and when they retired many got ill and in fact died.

Obviously this could have been caused by other things but most of these people seemed really without purpose and showed boredom. Basically they were not exercising their brains so nothing new and challenging was happening with them.

Now days, brain exercise is thought to help lessen the forms of dementia. Is this a cure? No, but it seems to slow the process down. My mum had Pict’s Disease. After helping dad with caring for her and experiencing the sheer frustration of a healthy intelligent woman deteriorating into a vegetable, I will exercise my brain constantly to try to prevent having anything like this happen to me.

What Does Brain Fitness Involve?

Following our births, our little brain kicks into action. From that point to adulthood our brains are raring to go. Over the range of the human population the progress our brains make varies. The important thing is to make sure they reach their optimum.

Optimising your brain means keeping it fit and active. To do this you need to seek new stimuli to entice it to expand its working base and life. It’s very important to keep the brain operating properly as it is the central hub of our body’s nervous system.

Create a Fit and Healthy Brain

In my research on keeping my brain active I often find the components likened to a jigsaw puzzle. I am sure most of us have done these and I must say the analogy is certainly fitting. Each piece links into other pieces to become the whole brain optimisation picture.

I believe there are other smaller puzzle pieces that also contribute to keep our brains healthy. I would certainly love to hear your ideas if you know any of these ‘booster’ ingredients.

Let’s look at what it takes to create a fit and healthy brain.

All of these components need to be considered in holistic brain health.

  1. Feed Your Body and Brain
  2. Attitude, Attitude, Attitude
  3. Stress De-Stress
  4. Aerobic exercise
  5. Sleep aka Bed Glorious Bed
  6. Social Interactions
  7. Continual novelty, challenge and variety.
  8. Cross brain training
  9. Monitoring brain activity

Feed Your Body and Brain

I loved the food produced by our little ‘hole in the wall’ café, Grub Med. Yes, that terrific mix of foods from the countries around, and on, the Mediterranean Sea has been shown to be especially beneficial for brains. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to get all the various ingredients but it’s always possible to improvise in a positive manner.

Add one of my other favourites to the list, that is Asian cuisine and I am set. Loads of lovely green vegetables, nuts, seeds and the most healthy olive oil – hey presto I do eat a lot of these. I slip a bit as I love the noodles and rice that go with them and I am not particularly fond of fish. However, we have a great salmon industry here. That is my oily fish, helping with my thinking, reasoning and remembering. (At least I think I remember reasoning!)

Plus we have tremendous berry and stone fruit crops right here in Tasmania.

Get your produce from those growers who really care about quality and freshness. The meats I eat are from free-range farms and local growers. I can see how the produce is handled. Best way: healthy way.

If you are worried about cost, relax. Once your body and brain get on the right food regime, an added benefit is that you should eat less.

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

OK, so you might have a negative attitude. Not only will that help give you ulcers but it might also make your brain shudder to pieces.

What we all need to do is take stock and develop a sensibly optimistic attitude. If your attitude is wrong, your whole body will show this. An unfortunate result is, people feel sorry for you and that tends to increase your negativity.

Or they can jump in, fully cheerful and try to jolly you out to correct this attitude. And I am sure this will completely irritate you. After all, sometimes it is nice to wallow for a while but it sure isn’t healthy in the long run.

I know from observing people that overcoming a negative attitude is really hard. However, I have also watched these people suffer from various mental issues such as depression. Most attitude impacts can be traced to stress, covered in the next section.

Stress De-stressing

Carrying on from Attitudes we go to the cause of most attitude issues, STRESS!

Stress has always been a huge factor in our lives. Early humans were constantly under stress to survive. Imagine not being fast enough to avoid a stampede of mastodons or mammoths. Too bad those creatures don’t exist today. They would certainly give poachers a run for their money!

Today it seems the ‘stress monster’ is modern society. There is so much going on it’s hard to keep up. Buy the newest thing and, if you delved deep, you would find it might have been a prototype several iterations ago!

As for the ‘monsters’ taking our employment, need I say anything. Following the Global Financial Crisis our construction industry collapsed. Involuntary redundancy commenced. As I had just finished my latest project management work and, guess what, the company was getting no new contracts. So out I went.

Even given that I had a great profession I found my last attempt at finding a new position was impossible. Our government is pushing us to work longer but, there is no point to that if not enough work is available. Fortunately being a positive person I decided to try this, my online website. This stopped a potential negative stress to a milder (positive!) stress. To de-stress even more I was very lucky to quickly find a solid training and supportive group with Wealthy Affiliate.

I now sit at home or in the garden; and sometimes on the river bank. I watch the native wildlife pass by. I work on this website. Now I really have less stress and a great attitude.

In times past our role in life, our relationships, where and how we lived were pretty much set in stone. Today we decide what we do for ourselves. So make sure you balance yourself, mentally and physically, to a positive person. Let your body and brain thrive. This can be achieved by practising stress-regulating techniques such as meditation, listening to music and exercise.

You need to school yourselves to recognise when your stress has surpassed healthy levels. Keep stress within manageable levels. Everyone’s beneficial level will be different so don’t judge yourself by others.

Just for reinforcement, stress produces a not so nice hormone, cortisol. If this is present for too long the brain is affected causing impairment that can lead to mood, memory and learning impairments. Not Good.

Aerobic Workouts

First off I will say I am probably the world’s worst exerciser. (Well maybe in the lower levels at least.) I am OK once I have a routine going but that takes me ages. So in writing this I am certainly looking to inspire myself along with helping inspire you to join in. After all we do want responsive and smart brains!

What is an aerobic workout you might ask? Well after a fair bit of researching I have found it is quite a convoluted read to decipher the language on how it affects our brains.

Here goes. The brain is part of our nervous system. The nervous system has chemical messengers (compare them to Google’s spiderbots – the beneficially nosy little critters). The neurons send these out and about, to various body parts including the brain, with information attached.

How aerobic exercises work on improving and optimising your brain is roughly as follows. Running, cycling, swimming and/or taking an energetic walk gets everything in your body flowing. This in turns stimulates the following:

  • Absorption of knowledge, and understanding and using it.
  • Increased growth and activity of various body components including memory.
  • At least potentially, your attention span. A very positive thing today in our frantic world, where our minds are jumping around trying to encompass all we see and here.
  • Moods and emotions, and the list goes on.

Wikipedia has a good write up on this if you wish to delve deeper.

Sleep aka Bed Glorious Bed

In my life I have slept in many settings. In the middle of Australia when hitchhiking around her, my friend and I slept between two large bonfires. Not only because it was freezing but also to keep the curious creatures, such as dingoes, away. Funnily enough that was a very refreshing sleep and both of us were full of energy and raring to get back on the road again.

Several countries offered other options such as empty buildings at railway sidings, buildings under construction, people’s front lawns in our sleeping bags. By the way it was so dark when we got there that we didn’t know they were lawns until we woke up with people staring at us!

Once when we were in the Australian outback, we even slept in an empty jail cell. Fortunately the door was open and we were let out in the morning. Of course after a hearty breakfast with the kind policemen who let us in out of the cold the previous night.Quality sleep for Katies Brain

Now days the only places I can get to sleep are in my lovely heated water bed and in front of my computer. The latter is due to the relaxed environment I live in. (And the cat is often asleep on my keyboard – a great obstacle to work and nice purring incentive to nod off!)

Sleep time is such an important part of our daily body cycle. I am not going to recommend how much you need. Everyone is different so I will let the experts try to generalise this (you know the one size fits all syndrome – where nothing actually fits properly).

During your sleep, your body is actually quite a busy little beaver. It goes into construction and maintenance mode; “replacing cells and reducing breakdown of proteins”. Basically it soups up the body for better performance.

Basically you need quality sleep to keep your whole body at peak performance. Anything other than this, risks loads of problems with your body, especially your brain controls of how your body acts.
To explore further into this check out the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke website.

And do note that the Institute does say that scientists are now beginning to understand the impact sleep has on the brain.

Social Interaction

Socialising is another important part of brain optimisation. Especially if your conversations involve discussing and imparting new knowledge. The more diverse your social crowd the more exercise your brain gets.

A point to remember here is that some people haven’t learned or are uninclined to socialise. If they become entangled in unwanted socialising, they can become over stressed. While you, by often interacting with other people can actually de-stress.

When I say socialising, I don’t mean the partying type. Well that can stretch the brain to new heights if you can remember what was said!

I am including all sorts of human get-togethers in this section. For example a team meeting with everyone present can present a variety of novel, challenging ideas that would have gone unmentioned with few or one person doing the thinking. All these ideas present learning opportunities.

Even waiting at a bus stop and talking to those also waiting can bring up ideas and present information that the brain takes in. The ideas can then arise if something relevant is discussed at a later time.

Talk to your neighbours and their experiences and knowledge can help your brain look in new directions or create new piggyback information. That is their personal history can connect with something you know and expand your perspective.

The best part of doing this is quite often some of these people are pretty isolated in life and you give them something to look forward to. Thus improving their minds too.

Cross brain training

Take all the above and mix them up. It is suggested if you are a physical fitness buff, mix in some cerebral activities. Scrabble is great for this and includes social interaction. Especially when heated arguments arise over what is actually a word. For me, I don’t consider abbreviations and grunts as words!

Monitoring brain activity

If you do a lot of reading (that’s me) then eat some brain food and then go for a long walk or bike ride.

When you are reading, make sure the tale is challenging with loads of twists. Books where you have to keep up with who has done what, when it was done, why it was done and find the culprit.

In fact modern reading in itself is a challenge as there seems to be a decisive lack of proofreading among the proliferation of eBooks.

Now you have considered all the above and done the best you can to improve your brain’s capacity you might like to monitor it. As far as I can research, monitoring entails equipment. Much of this equipment you have heard of such as MRI and various Encephalographic machines, I am not going to go into this as we would then get into a great deal of techno talk. You can look up this topic on the web.

I feel that you can do a good monitoring of yourself without these. And, by the way this is only my opinion/

I would also include some friends too as they often pick up things that are too close to you.

If your body feels great, your brain is active and doesn’t frustrate you should be fine. If your brain can handle most of what is thrown at it you should also be fine.

Your outside watchers should be able to tell when you start getting over stressed and note if you look sleepless. Listen to them and get yourself balanced again.

Brain Optimisation & its Likeness to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Let us get back to the nitty gritty.

You might like to first check out my article on SEO. Good SEO is like life blood to your website

The brain governs your body. It allows you to live and learn to breath and move all by participating in the nervous system. The nervous system sends little messengers around the body the pass information to it to body features so muscles, bone and so forth know what to do. The body is a great compact little cosmos.

SEO sets out information about your articles and allows the search engines to find you. When your SEO is well managed it attracts the little spiderbots who cruise your articles and notify their existence to the online world.

Keep your brain and body healthy and fit and it works in harmony. Create helpful quality content with fit and healthy SEO and it also works in harmony. Simple. Well with practice it is.

The Brain Wrap Up

My initial conclusion is that I better start working on my body. My brain seems to be working quite well but I know it can do better!

I want to do this as my positive aim in life is have a successful website. With a great group of people around to talk to and advise, this is socialising at its best!

Take into consideration all I that have written for you. Then make a plan to use it, making your brain a happy little being. I can’t advise you to do all of this as I can’t say I do it all. Just make sure you are doing enough to satisfactorily optimise your brain. The more you achieve the better you will feel and the more you will do.

If your brain feels a suitable pursuit for you is to join me in a work from anywhere, anytime you want, type lifestyle take a look around my website starting with my Wealthy Affiliate Review. The opportunities here are astounding with all our knowledge and your determination to work hard and create a successful website.





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  1. Hi Helen
    I love this website- you have explained so much in an honest giving way and I learned a lot on my visit here
    We certainly do need to keep the brain working and as we get older I believe it is vital to our well being
    Thank you so much for this site

    • Vicki, wow thanks for your wonderful comment.

      You’re right about the brain. In my case my brain never seems to stop working. I even wake up at night as it churns through new and old information. So I must work to keep my body and mind caught up with it.

      I am working on a relax and sleep regime. Sometimes that works!

      Thanks for visiting and hopefully I will seen you around somewhere.


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