Live the Life of Your Dreams

Are you a dreamer? I know I am. Night dreams, daydreams you name it. Floating Along with your Dreams

I have always been, but I have captured some of these dreams and made it my goal to follow them. At these times I have lived the life of my dreams.

Dreams are very hard to catch sometimes. What I do, and recommend you do too, is keep a notebook nearby and if a dream wakes me I quickly jot it down. Often this doesn’t work as I can’t read my partially awake writing, but sometimes I can. As for day dreaming, even if it’s a word or phrase that catches my fancy, I catch it as soon as possible. Or else it goes drifting off.

What is a Dream?

Now I am not going to define dreams. There are so many types and so many expert, and not so expert reasons, on what they are and why we have them that this is something you need to do for yourself! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream

I do not worry about what all these mean or in fact don’t mean. What I do with them is look for a goal within them.

OK lots of us have fantasy dreams. Those that are pretty impossible to achieve. Or are they? Maybe these dreams have an element that can be achieved.

It’s up to you to determine if:

  • an element is achievable,
  • it is enjoyable. Whatever you do in life should be enjoyable; and
  • it is worth the effort for the reward.

From the UK to the Great Southern Ocean. From Australia to Canada

I saw a saying the other day, not about dreams but about lies. This one came from Charles M. Blow and slightly modified fits right in here.

“A dream is like a cat: grab it before it evaporates or you will most likely never dream or catch it again!” Actually I didn’t catch the cat. She caught me!

What can a Dream do for You?

Those dreams you have at night have a slim chance to help you out as those are the ones most forgotten. They are also often not nice dreams (that is nightmares!). The ones you wake up sweating from: Yuk!

However, some sleep dreams are so intense they do stick or at least leave a residual, often strong enough to grab and run with. I imagine people often can use these dreams, so if it works for them it WILL work for you. But the hours have to be put in.

The dream will be your guide but you do have to figure out the goal within that dream.

Dream Pursuit to Goal

Now daydreams are another story.

What a Day for a Daydream

As one band, the Loving Spoonful, emphasied ‘What a day for a daydream. Now isn’t that the truth.

To me a daydream is a form of imagination. Sitting somewhere and contemplating a daydream, leads people to constructive solutions. This happens in many walks of life. I am sure artists have had a dream inspiration at times to create fantastic works.

Others in the science and technical fields must also be prompted by daydreams. Otherwise, it would be a wonder of the world in how they come up with the things they do.

If you now tell me you don’t daydream, I will be amazed. Your daydreams will revolve around what you really want to do or achieve. At least mine do. I used to daydream of travelling the world. I have achieved this in part. After all getting to every country wasn’t too dangerous when I was young but I stayed in countries for a while so my time, and thus the number of countries I visited, was limited.

Why don’t you think about what are your dreams tell you and what goal can they take you to.

Now for Your Part!

Do you want to follow and savour your dreams?

Your dream goal probably won’t be the same as mine. But if it is, you will have a lot of fun. And now days you can work online as you go. Something I couldn’t do. I had to get my hands dirty. I didn’t mind that because I met terrific people along my path.

My first main goal was to travel. I finished school and, with dad pushing me I started university. Back in those days taking a gap year wasn’t done!

I believe gap years are a great graduation present. It gives you time to set your feet into the great wide world. I wasn’t interested into going straight to university (neither were many of my friends). The result was I had a rip-roaring time but quit after a couple of years. Then I had an eleven year gap year! In that time I followed my dream and travelled. When I was young it was a lot easier to succeed at this, as jobs were very easy to get and the money kept the travel going.

Following ideas from another dream I set a goal to get a degree, for a career I could work at and achieve my next goal.

What was my part in this? I had dreams and I explored them and set my goals. Sometimes more than one. And I worked hard. Remember that you too will have to work hard in most cases. But the reward is well worth it.

This is what you need to work towards. And as the saying goes, ‘Never say never’. You can do this. If you need help, ask people for advice. Then look the advice over and select the bits that fit what you want to do. Make sure you aren’t trying to force your dream towards inappropriate goals. Question everything initially, and latter misdirections will be few.

The End Goal

All the above, the dreams, journey and end goals are within your reach. You just need dedication to reaching your goal. And believe me you can reach it. Believe in yourself. You have the ability to be and do whatever you want to.

My end goal at the moment is to achieve an online business. And I am currently working my way well along this trail. How does that goal sound to you? Exceptional I hope.

Imagine working from where ever you want to. 

Now for goals: read all about them in my Wayfarer Tortoise post. Just click on the tortoise’s shell to travel over to this goal.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    I too believe that no one really know what “dreams” are. Subconscious visions while sleep, glimpse of the future or past, hopes, fears…all of the above.

    I also feel that we pick up other energies that can’t always be explained by our waking thoughts.
    Keep up your vibrant exciting journey and thank you for sharing!


    • Tim, I must admit to a chuckle at so many of the experts in these hypothetical professions. It’s a bit like the firm pronouncements on what foods are good for us. One food might be terribly bad. So just wait a few weeks and all of a sudden it’s great for us.

      Dreams do stem from inside us, whether created internally or expanded from outside influences. So what they mean is what we, ourselves, make of them.

      Explore them to find out possitive ideas and set yourself a goal and then chase it to you achieve what you want to do. Make your life, yours to control. And have fun doing so.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. For sure since we children we have had dreams or day dreams .Most of us working online have dreams of being our own bosses and being able to travel and work off of our laptops anywhere in the world . But that takes real world sweat and and tears to make those dreams a reality.

    • Erick, you are so right. I am not sure but I think the dreams and online are a bit like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first. I believe these are about even. I dreampt about working online before I did so. Others probably are dabbling online when the dream inspiration hits them.

      As for sweat and tears, no matter what I worked on or where that was, I succeeded on hard work. Those who think fame and fortune will drop into their hands if they work online, are generally in line for a big shock. However if anyone knows this is what it takes, they are prepared for the work and the shock is a great deal less.

      Hard work and sweat equate to success, if we all stick to it.

      Thanks for your comment.


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